Monday, August 23, 2010

In the beginning there were binders....

Hi everyone. The idea behind this blog is to share our growing pains together. Perhaps have some collaboration without having to convene a face to face meeting to talk about how it is going, ask questions of each other, share something cool you discovered.

Just a couple of notes on my end. You will all find that Kreft is now Kreft Primary. Also, that when you want to share a unit with someone at the high school you really aren't seeing double or for some names, triple! And even though a teacher that commutes between schools like Jennifer Williams can't actually choose from all the classes of all the schools, the company has shared a fix, or a way around it. I have shared that with Jennifer already, but when all teachers begin to train, etc. it will be something to remember about. 

This blog could be a powerful tool for us if utilized. Take a risk, give it a try and when you feel like you are butting your head against the proverbial wall, BLOG! Post your frustration, your issue because you probably aren't alone in it :):)

Thanks and if nothing else just let me know you are on the other end :)



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  2. I am struggling on how and where I want to attach the documents(worksheets, quizes, etc.) or even if there is designated spot. I haven't played enough yet to see, but I will.


  3. I have not tried the universal login yet, but when I do, I will let you know. Thanks for your problem solving!!! I really appreciate it.

    Jen Williams

  4. Hey Jim - Is it the mechanics of attaching - or deciding where to attach it? Let me know when you have a chance to play and I will try to make myself available too! If you have a chance to come to the Wednesday after school times that begin Sept 8 we can work there too.

  5. Jen and I have worked on how to see multiple school's courses, which isn't a big deal at the elementary level because both buildings access the same course list, but MS and HS are separate. So when a teachers commutes between schools we have to do a little creative routing, but the company was good about letting us in on the secret....